AvaMaria New York


AvaMaria and its predecessor boutique started in the Lower East Side of New York City in 2008 as a space for emerging designer goods and luxury overstock. When the lease ended on Clinton Street, the boutique stretched out a little and moved to Soho. The new boutique maintained the down home vibe of scrounging for bargains and previously unseen designers in your friend's closet, though without the actual digging through our tight edit.

Hailed by Time Out New York as one of the best independent stores for discount designer goods, AvaMaria attracted the multi-cultural tourists of New York City as well as the locals of Soho and the five boroughs. Only when we were featured in Canadian The Globe and Mail for a must-visit in New York did we realize we actually have so many Canadians in our midst! 

While AvaMaria has relocated to London and our Crosby Street location is no more, we hope to keep up our services through an online platform.  We will be offering limited try-on sessions in New York, London, and Hong Kong.  For details, please contact us by email, at avamaria -- at -- virketyne.com